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12/17/2018 Ticket Purchase
Price was very goog. I have yet to use the tickets.
12/10/2018 Ticket Purchase
No problems at all! Saved a little too!
12/4/2018 Ticket Purchase
haven't use it yet. They required confirmation once paid by credit card. It feels safe. I ran into some issue but they do get back to me within 48 hours to resolve the problem.
Reserve San Diego Response: Thank you for feedback. We are glad to hear our customer service team could assist you with resolving any issues you experienced. We hope you enjoy your upcoming trip to the Zoo!
11/29/2018 Ticket Purchase
Room 527 bathrooms door can’t lock No night light at night Parking service poor
Reserve San Diego Response: Thank you for your response. By reviewing your account, we've confirmed that you've only purchased tickets through our company and aren't sure this review was meant for us. We apologize for any dissatisfaction in regards to your hotel stay. Please let us know if we can assist you further.
11/29/2018 Ticket Purchase
Reserve San Diego Response: Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to hear the booking process was convenient. We hope you enjoy your trip to the Zoo!
11/9/2018 Ticket Purchase
Very quick and easy to book on line. Avoided large queues at attractions
11/6/2018 Ticket Purchase
Great Service
11/5/2018 Ticket Purchase
I found the confirmation process very frustrating. (They charge a “fake” amount to your credit card, you have to confirm “fake” amount, then they supposedly correct amount) being Canadian, I did the conversion and it was not working. After numerous amount try’s and phone calls resulting in being locked out of the reserve sandiego site, they finally told me to just screen shot the transaction and they confirmed it. The lady I spoke with last (Jamie) was very helpful and had my order confirmed. It should have not been that much of a process. Have never had the confirm a transaction like that.
11/5/2018 Ticket Purchase
The process was very easy. I recommend getting your tickets this way.
11/1/2018 Ticket Purchase
Great service.
10/29/2018 Ticket Purchase
Quick response issuing tickets. Great prices
10/25/2018 Ticket Purchase
Very efficient and fast
10/24/2018 Ticket Purchase
I appreciated clear direction and simple process. Tickets were there the next morning. I would most certainly use again and in fact have plans to do so.
10/22/2018 Ticket Purchase
Fast and efficient service. Love the discount.
10/12/2018 Ticket Purchase
Great Service and Discount too.
10/10/2018 Ticket Purchase
Very easy process to purchase will call tickets.
10/7/2018 Ticket Purchase
Amazing experience filled with incredible people. Definitely recommend this place to those seeking an awesome adventure.
10/6/2018 Ticket Purchase
They are awesome. I made a mistake on my purchase and they called me back to give me a refund! Can’t wait to plan my next trip.
10/6/2018 Ticket Purchase
Service was quick, fast and easy.
9/30/2018 Ticket Purchase
They got me what I needed at a good price . But most importantly they took my phone call and answered questions that I was curious about Nice and well spoken

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