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Things to Do

A San Diego vacation is filled with so many things to do, the options can seem endless. With numerous activities, attractions and regions to explore, you can customize an itinerary perfect for your tastes, budget and interests. Every type of activity is available, which makes it easy to discover why...

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Sightseeing in San Diego allows you to discover the history, scenic beauty and vast amount of things to do in the area. There are many guided tours and sightseeing adventures available, including walking, boat, and trolley tours. Sometimes, these are the best way to explore the region as you can let...

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Area Theme Parks

The sunny city of San Diego has a lot to offer visitors. Some of the most popular things to do include San Diego theme parks, where thrills, spills and adventure await! Area theme parks feature the best for kids, and kids at heart, who are looking to make a vacation memory.


Discover a...