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4/19/2018 Ticket Purchase
Very easy to navigate and to understand!
4/10/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy to use will use again. Thanks
4/5/2018 Ticket Purchase
Reserve San Diego’s site was easy to navigate, and saved my family a ton of money! Thank you!
3/29/2018 Ticket Purchase
Very friendly and helpful!
3/14/2018 Ticket Purchase
There were a lot of tour/amusement options available and they beat other prices from other sites! Had a quick question and called and they were very informative and helpful in answering my questions. Would highly recommend using them to anyone.
3/11/2018 Ticket Purchase
Very easy and convenient to use! It kept us from having to stand in line for tickets. Printed them off and walked right through the gates. Easy peasy!
3/9/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy purchase...convenient and secure with Paypal. Put more pictures and videos so people will know the details without searching thru Yelp. Thanks
3/6/2018 Ticket Purchase
The woman I spoke with answered all my questions. Very happy.
3/6/2018 Ticket Purchase
Your Service suited my needs well. Now if the Experience for Us with the Adventure we Booked does its job.....5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Thank You Ken & Christine Jackson
2/23/2018 Ticket Purchase
Yes I would recommend your service and would use it again!
2/9/2018 Ticket Purchase
Very fast and convenient got better deal here.
2/5/2018 Ticket Purchase
Instructions were clear. Response was quick and correct.
1/8/2018 Ticket Purchase
very easy to use
12/16/2017 Ticket Purchase
Good experience, no complaints
12/9/2017 Ticket Purchase
12/7/2017 Ticket Purchase
The lady is so nice and explains the procedure very clearly, also call me back to add new information for me.
12/7/2017 Ticket Purchase
It was easier than I thought.
12/2/2017 Ticket Purchase
I'm looking for the shuttle bus from San diego to Safari park but I had to wander 3 hours to find one. It was the perfect service that I was looking for. Thanks for providing those service.
12/1/2017 Ticket Purchase
It was very easy to do. I did reserved tickets on my iPad. No problems! There was an email confirmation with the printable tickets immediately.
11/24/2017 Ticket Purchase
efficient with help needed

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