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Date Service Rating Customer Review
5/19/2017 Ticket Purchase
I made a mistake when reserving my familys tickets and customers service was very quick and nice helping me resolve the issue.
5/18/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Very prompt service and very friendly staff. Got a good deal and save a lot of money...thanks a lot!!!
5/15/2017 Ticket Purchase
All good but still do not have tickets, just confirmation number, is this all I need. ?
4/26/2017 Ticket Purchase
It was so easy to get tickets for me. My grandson is graduating from Penn State and I thought the coolest gift would be to fly him out to San Diego and have him enjoy the Hornblower Cruise on San Diego Bay.
4/14/2017 Ticket Purchase
I would recommend them great customer service 🙌 I order tickets legoland online and received so quickly in the mail within 5days thank you 😊 again guys you made my day .
4/11/2017 Ticket Purchase
Good website, good email communication.
4/6/2017 Ticket Purchase
TERRIBLE!!!!! They have billed my credit card and not sent tickets and have not replied to my email. Should be 0 stars. Need a reply eReserve!
4/5/2017 Ticket Purchase
Quick and easy, no waiting in lines and a great deal! Will use again, soon!
4/4/2017 Ticket Purchase
Easy way to book in advance. Very easy process.
4/3/2017 Ticket Purchase
Excellent service
3/30/2017 Ticket Purchase
Great experience and we're looking forward to our vacation. Thanks!
3/23/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
it was great easy great cancelation time hope i dont need to cancel but looks good i already received my vouchers quickly i loved it
3/20/2017 Ticket Purchase
Too easy.
3/14/2017 Ticket Purchase
Great friendly customer service!
3/14/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Quick and easy!
3/8/2017 Ticket Purchase
It was so easy to plan our trip and purchase the tickets we wanted. We can't wait to start our vacation, and thanks to reserve San Diego it was simple. The Russelle Family Twin Falls, ID.
3/7/2017 Ticket Purchase
Relatively easy to deal with.
2/28/2017 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
I think it is a quick, easy way to experience a place to the fullest. I also believe the pricing is excellent! Having everything paid for before i go is a true blessing in that i can expect everything to go off without a hitch!
2/8/2017 Ticket Purchase
Smoother and easy transaction. Would recommend using reserve San Diego service
2/1/2017 Ticket Purchase
I received my tickets by email quickly and was able to print them out with no problems. I also received the receipt at the same time. Very organized and efficient!!!
Reserve San Diego Response: We appreciate your feedback! The convenience of receiving your ticket voucher right to your email and being able to print and take with you is something that definitely sets aside from others. We hope you enjoy your time in San Diego!

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