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8/10/2018 Ticket Purchase
Grande facilità ed efficienza nella prenotazione. Promette bene per la visita a Seaworld.
8/9/2018 Ticket Purchase
Very easy to navigate the website and great savings on tickets. Definitely buying from them again.
8/7/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy to order, easily received, easy to print. Thank you!
8/7/2018 Ticket Purchase
Site is easy to navigate. Lots of attractions to select from. Bascially a one stop shopping for your activity needs. Prices are competitive.
8/7/2018 Ticket Purchase
I had to call to have two of the original four tickets I ordered be resent. The original email only included two of the tickets. The gentleman I spoke to was pleasant and took care of the issue immediately. But, shouldn't have had to do that.
7/31/2018 Ticket Purchase
It was easy and fast. The price was great.
7/29/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy to order, purchase, print and use. Made our trip to San Diego so simple and organized. Loved
7/28/2018 Ticket Purchase
It was easy to step to the side and make my order online and save $30 over buying my tickets at the kiosk! I was glad to have this option.
7/27/2018 Ticket Purchase
It was quick and easy. I had made a mistake and I called to have it corrected and the person was very nice and problem fixed.
7/25/2018 Ticket Purchase
it was great!! I could update my estatus after assist to the event!!
7/25/2018 Ticket Purchase
It was pretty ez - hard part deciding what I wanted. It’s great to be able to buy on line prior and not have to be in lines to buy on location. I would total use this again!
7/25/2018 Ticket Purchase
The purchase was easy.
7/20/2018 Ticket Purchase
It was super easy! Very happy.
7/20/2018 Ticket Purchase
Directions were clear and easy to follow.
7/19/2018 Ticket Purchase
Process was quick and easy however the payment didn’t go through until I called. It was handled quickly by phone.
7/17/2018 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Reserve San Diego was very user friendly. The variety of options were great. We were able to create a package! It just made it all the more easier and exciting to plan our family vacation.
7/14/2018 Ticket Purchase
They showed me lower amounts of the two tickets in each place a total of four that I will save money buying online or Reserve San Diego.The amount I had to pay for the four tickets were also added perfectly and was reasonable.I will recommend Reserve San Diego to anybody who tells me they are going to the parks there.
7/11/2018 Ticket Purchase
Easy website to buy the tickets!
7/11/2018 Ticket Purchase
Clear, understandable, efficient, helpful
7/5/2018 Ticket Purchase
It was easy to buy the tickets and get them by email and good price.

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